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2042-4 SA Four Stream Recycling Station

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Glaro Value 2042-4 Satin Aluminum Recyclepro Linear 41-Gallon Four-Stream  Modular Recycling Station - 2042-4 SA

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Glaro Value 2042-4 Satin Aluminum Recyclepro Linear 41-Gallon Four-Stream  Modular Recycling Station - 2042-4 SA

Recyclepro  Modular Stations are a unique kind. Welcome to the next generation of  receptacles for multi-stream recycling management. Each receptacle  features a timeless cylindrical design which incorporates a durable,  aluminum top with different openings for each type of item to be  recycled. To promote the product's use and purpose, all models include  silk screened messages and/or recycling logos permanently baked onto  each unit. Stations are offered in LINEAR formation with 4 containers. The receptacles are connected together by using the easy to  install connector brackets and hardware supplied. These American made,  designer, fire-safe receptacles are the product of choice for use  anywhere durability, performance and presentation count. This recycling  station is designed to be used with the optional Glaro heavy gauge,  custom sized, 2.00 mil thick, clear poly bags, which have a snug fit  over the top rim of the outer body. The overlapping poly bag is then  completely concealed by the wide lip of the cover. Therefore, no  additional inner container is included.

How to Order:

1. Choose the Receptacle / Body Color Of Each Can. ** Example Satin Black **

2. Choose Lid / Cover Color Of Each Can. ** Example Satin Aluminum **

3. Choose The Message That Will Appear On Each Can ** Example Trash **.

4. Choose To Have Recycle Symbol On Each Can , Or To Have It Omitted. ** Example No Recycling Symbol **

Ships in 10 to 15 Business days

Features & Benefits

  • Indoor/Outdoor all weather construction
  • Receptacles are constructed of heavy gauge rustproof aluminum and/or Galvanized steel 
  • Capacity: 4 x 41 = 164 Gal
  •  Dimensions: 4 (20" d x 30" h)
  •  Weight: 4 x 28 = 112 lbs
  • Non rusting aluminum bottoms are sealed to the bodies for additional protection
  • Covers are constructed of handspun heavy gauge seamless aluminum
  • Silk Screen text is baked onto the receptacle bodies to ensure longevity
  • All connector hardware/brackets are included 
  • Easy to clean finishes
  • Constructed of 30% recycled fire safe aluminum & steel
  • 100% post-consumer recyclable
  • Glaro "Go Green" - packed with 100% recycled materials
  • Quick Ship 
  • Made in the USA

*Additional options are available.