Anti-Bacterial Wipe Dispensers

Unique Features - How It Works
 Glaro 1029SA Antibacterial Wipe Dispensers and Waste Receptacles  feature a heavy  weighted base for added stability.A unique double push-button mechanism  keeps  the cover secured to the body while wipes are pulled  one at a  time.It’s easy to depress the two push buttons on  either side of the top cover and to lift off the top  when it’s time to refill with  additional wipes.When done, the cover snaps back into place. To empty  the  waste compartment, lift the body off the base  section to access  the inner bucket.After emptying the trash bucket inside, slide  the body  back on the weighted base. No inner poly bag is needed.

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FK-F1029-SA Glaro Antibacterial Wipe Dispenser F1029-SA - Floor Standing with Trash Can - Satin Aluminum
  • $320.00
FK-W1015-SA W1015 SA
  • $165.00
FK-F1029-BK Glaro Antibacterial Wipe Dispenser F1029-BK - Floor Standing with Trash Can - Satin Black
  • $293.00
FK-W1015-BK W1015 BK
  • $198.00
FK-F1029-SV Glaro Antibacterial Wipe Dispenser F1029-SV - Floor Standing with Trash Can - Silver Vein
  • $293.00
FK-W1015-SV W1015 SV
  • $198.00