W1015 SV
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W1015 SV

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Glaro W1015 Silver Vein Wall Mounted Antibacterial Wipe Dispenser, Silver Vein

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Glaro W1015 Silver Vein Wall Mounted Antibacterial Wipe Dispenser, Silver Vein

Glaro  Disinfectant Wipe units are commonly used in private and public  facilities, such as airports, train stations, bus depots, restrooms,  nursery schools, food service facilities, health clubs, spas, doctors'  offices, laboratories, physical therapy centers, day care centers, hair,  nail and tanning salons, retail stores, hospitals, assisted living  centers, offices, manufacturing plants, cruise ships, gyms,  supermarkets, residential, and more. 

This wall mounted  wipe dispenser and waste receptacle features a top compartment for wipes  and a side opening for conveniently discarding used wipes. The sleek  design features a touch-less dispenser with a neat x-shaped opening that  allows only one wipe to be dispensed with each pull.  

A unique double push-button mechanism keeps the cover secured to the  body while wipes are pulled and dispensed one at a time. It's easy to depress the two push buttons on either side of the top cover and to lift  off the top when it's time to refill with additional wipes. TNo inner poly bag is needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Wall Mounted Disinfectant Wipe Dispenser
  • Double push button secures cover on body when pulling wipes
  • Easy to load wipes & thread though specially designed "star" opening
  • All parts are heavy gauge rust-proof, corrosion and fire resistant aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Easy to clean durable finishes
  • Constructed of 30% recycled aluminum
  • 100% post-consumer recyclable metal
  • Glaro "Go-Green" - packed with 100% recycled materials
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA Approved Sanitary

       **Wipes are sold separately**