Modular Recycling Bins


The  next generation for recycling management. It is the only system of its  kind. It is the largest, most diversified line of recycling receptacles  offering an extensive selection of sizes, finishes, openings and silk  screened messages.  RecyclePro Modular Recycling Stations allow you to  create your own recycling station with two or more receptacles. When  using more than one receptacle you can easily connect the receptacles  together to encourage use of the station. The primary components are the  12”, 15”, and 20” diameter single purpose individual RecyclePro  receptacles.

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FK-2042-2-SA 2042-2 SA Two Stream Recycling Station
  • $894.00
FK-2042-2 2042-2 Two Stream Recycling Station
  • $713.00
FK-2042-3-SA 2042-3 SA Three Stream Recycling Station
  • $1353.00
FK-2042-3 2042-3 Three Stream Recycling Station
  • $1081.00
FK-2042-4-SA 2042-4 SA Four Stream Recycling Station
  • $1811.00
FK-2042-4 2042-4 Four Stream Recycling Station
  • $1449.00