Deluxe Smoker Post

The Deluxe series has maintained a reputation for being the finest  quality, indestructible smoking receptacles in the  industry, featuring a 3 ½ inch diameter and a 1/8  inch thick wall tubular body.Glaro . Smoker’s Posts are the original  “post style” cigarette Receptacles. All Deluxe Smoker’s Post series presents a  sophisticated stylish design to satisfy the tastes  of leading architects and designers.A single disposal hole is located in the  front, helps keep water out, conceals odors, and  helps extinguish smoking debris by limiting internal  oxygen.   All models in this series include an interior  snuffer panel to help extinguish smoking materials. All units have spring snaps to secure covers.

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FK-4403-SA 4403 SA
  • $210.00
FK-4403-BE 4403 BE
  • $260.00
FK-4403-BK 4403 BK
  • $210.00