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Glaro 24 Inch 501H SA Wall Mounted Coat Rack With 8 Aluminum Hangers Included

The Glaro 501H-24 represents the sleek iteration within Glaro’s versatile 501 series, designed for wall-mounted single-shelf coat racks featuring convenient hanger rods. Crafted with a contemporary Satin Aluminum finish, the SA series boasts a timeless aesthetic, further fortified by a durable clear protective powder coating.

** 8 Hangers are Included **

Glaro’s coat racks are ingeniously structured with modular standard sections available in 24”, 30”, or 36” widths, ensuring adaptability to diverse spatial requirements. Each rack is anchored by two end brackets of corresponding dimensions. For larger configurations, such as a 60” width, additional support is seamlessly integrated through the inclusion of middle brackets, maintaining structural integrity. In this example, the 60” rack is constructed with two end brackets, one middle bracket, and two 30” sections of shelf and rod tubes.

Consistently maintaining a depth of 13-1/2”, the 501-SA coat racks exude a harmonious blend of form and function. Wall brackets, standing at 7” in height, provide stable anchoring for the rack, ensuring reliable performance and aesthetic appeal. Should your spatial needs extend beyond 8 feet, simply communicate your desired width, and we’ll efficiently tailor the configuration using the optimal combination of the three modular elements.

• Width: 24”
• Height: 7-1/2″
• Front-to-Back: 13-1/2″
• Length: Customizable with Modular Sections of 24″, 30″, or 36″ – Unlimited with Additional Middle Brackets• Hanger Rod: Diameter of 1″• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Finish: Smooth Satin Aluminum
• Environmental Impact: Utilizes 50% to 100% Recycled Raw Materials, with a Potential for 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content
• Origin: Proudly Made in the USA

Weight 4 lbs


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