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PC-2032BE Satin Brass Dual Stream Paper – Bottles and Cans Recycling Container 33 Gal

Quick Specs:

  • Part Number: PC-2032BE
  • Capacity: 33 gallons
  • Dimensions: 20″ diameter x 31″ height
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Opening: 4 -7/8″ Dia. Hole  | 2″ x 12″ Slot
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Material: Aluminum Body & Aluminum Lid

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The Glaro Inc RecyclePro Dual Purpose Receptacles seamlessly blend sustainability with functionality, revolutionizing waste management solutions. Crafted with precision, these receptacles boast a sleek design that complements any environment, from corporate offices to public spaces.
With dual compartments, they facilitate efficient sorting of recyclables and general waste, promoting eco-conscious practices. The sturdy construction ensures durability, capable of withstanding high-traffic areas while maintaining their pristine appearance.
Featuring customizable labeling options, these receptacles streamline waste segregation, making it intuitive for users to dispose of their trash responsibly. Whether it’s paper, plastic, glass, or organic waste, the RecyclePro Dual Purpose Receptacles accommodate diverse recycling needs, contributing to a greener future.
Designed for practicality, they include features such as removable liners for hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, the receptacles are available in various finishes to suit specific space requirements and aesthetic preferences.
Glaro Inc’s commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of the RecyclePro Dual Purpose Receptacles, offering a sophisticated solution that not only enhances the environment but also elevates the overall experience of waste management.






Weight 47 lbs